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Brand development and marketing takes thought, research and preparation. Although your medical education, staff, or technical skills are top of class, arriving on the short list of the consumer involves critical steps prior to marketing yourself or your brand.


Digital marketing has changed eliminating all the “old-school” ways of simply throwing a brochure or pamphlet onto the Internet. Gone are the days where you can tell the consumer what you want them to know and expect them to listen independent of further research. Your brand and digital properties must engage with them across the places where the customer is active and asking questions.


People are seeking health information from the Internet, apps, friends and social sites. They collect this prior and after seeing their health professional. Information on procedures, tests and questions on healthcare best practices are sought daily and are becoming mainstream.


In order to engage consumers and provide the best user experience, we believe the path begins with a solid digital marketing strategy. This means exploring who your audience is, works, plays and are digitally active then developing a strategy that will is not static but interactive and asks the consumer to paint a picture of their needs and wants.

We have the brand marketing experience to bring new brands to market as well as develop brand marketing strategies to help extend your products, procedures and services.


Stovall Medical Marketing offers our clients every opportunity to become the premier brand in their medical specialty. We have a method to brand marketing that has proven to work and gains clients growth in their business community.


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