How We Met Caffaratti Dental Group Goals


Beginning Steps


By gathering important baseline data of where the client’s brand stood, we were able to measure future conversions and goal completions. Where missing, Stovall Medical Marketing developed digital procedures, website tags and conversion pathways critical to campaign measurement. Diving deeper, we needed information on their branding, audience demographics, behavioral preferences, competition and unique product and service selling positions.


Research That Led Caffaratti Dental Group to Success


  • Most profitable services and procedures

  • Key audience demographics and behavioral characteristics

  • Existing marketing channels used and their effectiveness

  • Unique selling positions

  • Overview of all products and services

  • Online and offline competition

  • Website review and audit


Once this research was completed, Stovall Medical Marketing used this to create a multi-channel marketing approach focused on the client's most profitable procedures.


By listening to the client’s goals and laying the right foundation of research and measurement, Caffaratti Dental Group did not have to punt in 2015 but increased their revenues by 26%.

How These Steps Were Integrated

Baseline data captured


Metrics developed


Call to actions strengthened


Multi-stage lead acquisition used to correctly weight each digital campaign’s success

Marketing campaigns prioritized around top revenue generating procedures and services


Marketing channels selected including social media, email and blogging


SEO implemented and website content edited to reflect strategy

Google AdWords campaign developed


Content calendar created based on priority procedures and sales funnel process


Editorial content inserted across all multi-channel digital platforms and offline campaigns


Marketing automation campaigns designed to focus on priority procedures and nurture organic web traffic


Metric evaluation, analysis and reporting

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