Extend Your Healthcare Event Success by Using a Social Media Reporter

Grow your reach and word-of-mouth exposure by using a social media reporter at your next healthcare seminar, product fair or live event and make it more successful.


By capturing photos, videos, and approved comments during your event, the reporter can help you gain higher engagement rates with social updates and in-person conversations. To help you get started, here are tips to find, work with and leverage social media reporters at your next event:


1. Use a Social Media Reporter

Social media reporters possess specific skills. They are not merely someone multi-tasking in your organization but are experienced at taking photos and have a good basic knowledge of writing. They also have a keen intuition on how to communicate and guide conversations both in person and digitally as well as operate under the guidelines of approved healthcare communication regarding products.


2. Target Carefully

Reporters are not for every event. Consider what makes the most sense and ask yourself how they will be beneficial? What content and conversations could they generate? Are you sponsoring a conference, for instance? Then a social media reporter can increase awareness of your brand at the event and extend your impact beyond the booth or presentation.


3. Select the Right Reporter

Social media reporters can be a great asset to your brand. They can be used in collaboration with your lead generation as well as referral networking strategy but must have the same professional goals and share a keen understanding of your brand and ethics.


4. Lay the Foundation for Success

Develop interviewing guidelines and specific channels of online distribution. Explain frequency of interactions. Make sure they know your brand and medical guidelines so they do not discredit or inappropriately harm your brand. Be certain they have all the correct permissions. Prepare them for success.


5. Give Social Media Reporters Some Creative Freedom

Reporters are your partners so treat them accordingly. You hire them because they have unique skills to interact over social media and reach new audiences. Once you have located the right person, they will resonate with your community as authentic, making you more credible and trustworthy.


6. Develop Strategic and Meaningful Content Goals

Get the most for your dollars. Consider what content pieces could drive the most interest and revenue for the particular product or service you are trying to promote. Would brand recognition offer the most interest? Customer interactions? Testimonials? Physician or scientist comments? Determine your goals before the event.


7. Share Pre-event Scenes

Get the audience involved in the pre-event flurry of activity with videos, photos and social updates. These serve to increase enthusiasm, reach and grow attendance.


8. Plan Metrics and Evaluation

What defines success? Leads, new emails, and increased sales are all valuable goals but don’t forget to consider increased engagement, brand awareness, and website traffic. Be sure to include a plan to measure those things to assess value and improve future efforts.


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