How to Drive More Patient Engagement Through Responsive

Designed Emails

How many times have you opened an email on your mobile phone and the experience becomes one of frustration? Although an email newsletter can appear great on the PC or inbox, it becomes unusable or hard to decipher when viewed on a small screen. With fonts too small, columns squeezed into a tiny space and links that constantly break due to improper layout and design, the email screams “INTO THE TRASH” or worse yet the unforgivable “SPAM” button.


The User Experience is Everything


If you aren’t tracking the devices used by your patients and audiences, you stand to lose out especially if you haven’t moved to a responsive designed email template. We encounter clients frequently who are using various email subscription services that offer responsive designed email templates but have, for various reasons, not made the switch to the new template.


This can prove to be a costly mistake if you are spending time and money developing great content for your email campaigns yet you fail to move to the newer formats. It affects everything from your open rates to your click-through rates and even your click-to-call rates. Plainly stated, a poor user experience can lead to no response, no conversions and lower ROI.


Tips to Improve User Experience


  1. Select responsive design formats in a reliable email subscription service. Understand the differences between screen mobile optimized vs mobile responsive
  2. Make sure the call-to-action buttons are large enough for easy access, stand out and are placed in multiple locations as the reader moves through the content
  3. Be sure the font size is 18 point or larger. Disaster can lurk with fonts any smaller.
  4. Develop a good sense of hierarchy so the user won’t have to zoom in and out on their phones
  5. Test for different devices. A little pre-planning can go a long way to avoid pitfalls of the multiple screen sizes
  6. Getting a little help from our friends at Litmus is always a beneficial tool to use. Their software is easy to use and not too expensive even providing some free functionality to test


Here are some additional tips that can really separate you from the novice and the more experienced email savvy marketer!


Try to stick to a 3-6 month Campaign Content Calendar. The email campaigns would be developed to drive your top goals for the targeted services for that period.


Make sure your email embodies your branding and color schemes. Avoid the temptation to use themes. Pre-design a template that always includes your logo.


Preheader text serves a very important function. Email platforms basically grab the first line of (machine-readable) content from a message, and display that in the preview window. Ensure yours indicates what the email is about, enticing the user to open based on this content.


Include visuals, pictures or graphics that tell a story. Avoid trying to put every special and discount you might have to lure potential patients. This can cheapen the brand and

diminish the trustworthiness of your message and service offering.


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