Grow your Revenues with Live Events and Word-of-Mouth Opportunities

Health seminars, “open houses” and co-marketing events are all wonderful ways to engage with your audience, promote your products or services and provide a boost to your revenue. By using live events, you can also capture big returns on “word-of-mouth” referrals and social sharing that drive healthcare leads and revenue.




Latest event survey findings from Content Marketing Institute and Neilson:


  • 69 percent of B2C businesses use events
    B2C ranks events second only to email newsletters
  • Nielsen’s “Global Trust in Advertising and Brand Messages” reports eighty-four percent of people view word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family as more trustworthy than ads and other branded content
  • In addition, 84 percent of consumers would take action based on a personal recommendation


Improve your Seminar, Events or Open House ROI with these tips for better lead conversions and reach:




  • Use a marketing calendar to plan dates and event roll-out
  • Design a marketing campaign with goals, metrics and specific call-to-actions (CTA’s)
  • Include social media within each campaign
  • Establish/Host specific landing pages to measure CTA goals
  • Develop triggered emails to introduce, pre-market and market your event
  • Design direct mail and/or advertising collateral
  • Co-Market with referral partners to help promote your event
  • Implement social share about your event as a pre-runner
  • Forward promotional material with unique tracking codes to all referral partners for sharing across social and email
  • Hire or designate a Social Media Reporter to be present at your event
  • Train sales or patient coordinators on event goals
  • Survey your patients and staff for post event feedback
  • Develop "Thank You" or customer reward emails
  • Prepare downloads for participants to receive covering more detailed information on each service or products to be highlighted
  • Design a lead capture and re-marketing campaign to be implemented after the event
  • Measure your results
  • Analyze and make future recommendations


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