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Key findings from the report:


• The average number of tweets by pharma has gone up by 530% since 2013 and twitter followers

   have increased by nearly 300%


• The pharma companies with the biggest communities aren’t necessarily the most effective at

   engaging with their users and generating interest


• Followers reward pharma companies who post frequently and engage continuously – those that keep

   their networks fresh with regular updates have the highest interaction from the community

Patients and consumers are full of medical questions and need answers. According to Pew Research, the consumer often turns to friends and family as one of the top 3 sources for healthcare information.  So it’s not a surprise that social media and social media strategies play an important part of the patient choices for healthcare resources, testing, products and services. Sharing of healthcare information is constantly passed over the Internet through social media, forums and other sources of contact.


In order for you to be a part of that conversation, and provide accurate and clear education about the facts, you will need to get in the game. It doesn’t mean to simply clutter the social media channels with non-engaging information . As the New report by Ogilvy Healthworld highlights who leads the way in integrated social media marketing may not be the one with the largest communities.



























Social Media Across Generations


Multi-generational factors influence each consumer at different places and at various times. Social media marketing to millennials requires a totally different social media strategy than one designed for Baby Boomers.


Millennials now surpass Baby Boomers in spending power and management roles. If they have to wait 48 to 72 hours for a social media or website form response they will quickly jump ship and most likely be headed for your competition.


Get to know our company and how we partner for success with social media management tools. We allow you to rest easy because we are listening to your audience, bringing content that engages, and getting your brand in front of the people that matter- your audience and influencers.


It is important that our sharing of information is ethical, complies with standards and meets FDA guidelines. The recent proposed FDA guidelines that were distributed to healthcare providers in April 2015 referenced the guidelines for social media, Internet advertising and digital content as it relates to food, drugs, and devices under their review.


Our social media management is one of a partnership with the healthcare organization and acts in accordance with the medical standards set forth in that discipline. All content is scheduled in advance, approved by the client and is developed around the user experience.



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