Tracking and Conversion

In Houston, Texas

Stovall Medical Marketing has the expertise and experience to track and analyze current trends in an effort to improve lead generation and the conversion of those leads to sales. Through our tracking software, we can also answer your SEO questions and make recommendations for improving your page rankings.



With our detailed data, you can effectively segment your target population in order to improve your practice’s customer experience management through permission-driven content.



Track & Analyze Your Traffic

See how events, e-mail campaigns and more affect

your website and social media traffic, and then use

this data to drive future marketing efforts.


Follow Your Keywords’ Performance

Discover which of your website’s keywords are on

the rise, and use this information to determine

where to focus your content.


Make Your E-mails More Effective

Stop using ineffective blanket e-mail campaigns. Track the open, click-through and unsubscribe rates

of your e-mail campaigns to determine the most effective ways to communicate with your

target population.


Determine Your Population’s Interests

Track organic search terms, visitor detail and more to discover what your target population is searching for. Use this information to customize e-mails, social media campaigns and blog posts to more effectively communicate with potential patients. This permission-driven content approach is proven to be more effective at garnering leads than traditional marketing efforts.

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Create relevant messaging in all marketing campaigns



Optimize performance

on smartphones

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Responsive design for mobile and tablet ensures your brand is seen everywhere



Gain insights about patient's behaviors



Drive conversions through relevant automated campaigns